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How to make Brazilian Cafezinho

Ever wondered how to make Brazilian Cafezinho. Brazilians drink cafezinho, which is Coffee Brazilian Style. They drink it all day, every day. This is the way you are welcomed in Brazil, 'você toma/aceita/quer um cafezinho?' do you want a cafezinho? And you cannot say...

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How To Brew A Cup Of Decaf Coffee At Home?

How To Brew A Cup Of Decaf Coffee At Home? Isn’t a decaffeinated coffee an actual coffee? That is a misconception that many people are spreading in the world. Karan Pareenja, the author of this blog post is an expert in the field of coffee. He has written a number of...

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Two Delightful Iced Coffee Drinks To Make This Summer Season

The summer seasons is going at its full flow, and most of us have already switched over to drinking iced coffee drinks from hot coffee. It is true that hot coffee is important for those who have been drinking it for a long-long time, but even they’ll have to admit that cold coffee has its own refreshing flavor.…

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Go to Cadiz in Spain – Los churros son deliciosos

Ok, so it is Spain, and one would expect the churros to be delicious, but in La Cocina Secreta in Cadiz in Spain, they are that extra deliciosos. Perhaps it is the sun; perhaps it is the fact that Cadiz is one of those magical Spanish places that is not too overrun by...

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7 Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo

Here are the 7 Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo. Cat cafés are springing up all over the world, but have always held a special position in Japan. The world's first cat café, "Cat Garden" opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. Japanese visitors to Taipei loved this...

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