Do you want to know How to do the Aussie Tim Tam Slam, or the Aussie Tim Tam Suck, of course you do. Call it what you will, but Australia says #you’rewelcome. So what is this Tim Tam you talk about? Ask anyone from Japan ..they know. They used to take Tim Tams home by the suitcase load after visiting Australia…because they LOVE Tim Tams. Now they are sold in Japan because of the demand. You can buy them at Amazon here, and trust me you want to. Click this link and they are on their way to you. Ask any Australian, and we absolutely know a Tim Tam as well as we know a Chiko roll (that’s another story that has nothing to do with coffee), and as well as we know vegemite.

A Tim Tam is a biscuit. That is it. It is a chocolate biscuit with a chocolate cream center all of which is then covered in chocolate. Americans call biscuits cookies, but from the colonies, we still call them biscuits, or actually bickies, because we abbreviate everything we possibly can.

So why would a Tim Tam appear on a coffee site, you ask? Well, it is all because of The Aussie Tim Tam Slam. Say what you antipodean person?

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The Tim Tam Slam is an Australian ritual… Or a drunken ritual, or a chance to show off to our visitors from the other side of the uncivilized world.

How to do the Aussie Tim Tam Slam

1. First, get a hot AUSTRALIAN made barista-snob hot coffee (because Australians are total coffee snobs)…An espresso is the best, though you can do it with a flat white.
2. Then you bite off each end of the Tim Tam.
3. Next, place one bitten end of the Tim Tam in your mouth and dip the other bitten end in the hot coffee.
4. Now suck…hard. The Tim Tam becomes the straw in The Tim Tam Slam. Everything starts to ooze into itself, creating a mocha type experience. Trust me; it is not as easy as you think.
5. As the Tim Tam starts to collapse, and this is when you know you are Australian, you just know when to take the whole Tim Tam in your mouth before it explodes.
And that is How to do The Aussie Tim Tam Slam #you’rewelcome

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