The Best Place to Write is a coffee shop. If J.K Rowling can knock out Harry Potter in a coffee shop in cold Edinburgh in Scotland, then there might be something in this for all of us. TS Elliott, Franz Kafka, Gertrude Stein and F Scott Fitzgerald all penned major works in a shop. It could be the allure of the Parisian expatriate crowd in the 1920s, that helps us to retain the romantic illusion that coffee shops attract intelligent and artistic people. Certainly it is hard to miss university students studying and writing over chai lattes, and bloggers pounding the social media platforms, and producing experiential copy for eager audiences.

Why are writers attracted to coffee shops?

Is it the motivation or the fact you could well be the next J.K. Rowling or Hemmigway, or the next big blogger? Is it the fact that there are people all around to observe, and to stimulate your imagination, and help you to personalise your story? Is it that you hear snippets of people lives that make you able to work your characters in your own novel. Maybe it is because we have always associated coffee shops with struggling artists, and of course writers are artists.Is it the bustle of human drama all round that creates this place to be, this warm and comforting yet often frenetic environment.

Or is it something a lot more simple? Coffee beans stimulate all of your senses, and make a conducive and comforting work environment.

Is it the place to start your own blog or your own novel with like minded people to help you, or at least to motivate you.If a coffee shop provides you with this warm and fuzzy feeling, then it is the ideal environment to start or finish that novel, and to start or finish that blog post, or to just watch the world. I do think that The Best Place to Write is a Coffee Shop.


The Best Place to Write is a Coffee Shop



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