Brick Lane Coffee have a fantastic tagline – Come Happy Leave Edgy .  On their website, they claim

Welcome to Brick Lane Coffee, where all organic milk and getting your order wrong has been our standard of excellence since 1999. We don’t preach about coffee we make coffee. We’ve got three shops scattered about the lowbrow areas (where all the action is) of the big smoke. Come find us. We’ll be waiting.

This certainly piqued our interest in this coffee shop in the amazing Shoreditch area of London. Shoreditch and Brick Lane may well be more gentrified than what it used to be, but that does not take away from the magnificent street art and bohemian atmosphere that it exudes.



Naturally we went to Brick Lane Coffee in the enigmatic London. People were sitting around the café in chairs, on lounges and just chatting and sipping whatever…they were given The café is styled or evolved and has lots of quirky little things to keep you amused. .. including the window cat.

This is a Best Little Coffee Shop because it is fun, quirky, the staff are great, the coffee is good and it does not take itself too seriously. It would be very easy to sit here for hours working or just watching the interactions going on around you.




If you have a look at their twitter account, you will be kept amused for hours at their totally irreverent sense of humour, and their uncanny ability to have a shot (get it!) at some other places and indeed people.

Take a couple of examples to see what I am talking about.

Have a look at what people also talk to them about “‪@bricklanecoffee .

I hate cat stories. I hate cats, my favourite cat is the stuffed one in the window of brick lane coffee.


Cats are not mentioned in the Bible because they wrote it.

One of the Best Little Coffee Shops. Definitely.


157A Brick Lane, London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7729 2667
 Brick Lane Coffee


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