Visiting Café Salvatore Petriella, in Bari, Italy is something you want to do if you, like many of us, love the best little coffee shops of the world. Bari is the second-largest town in southern Italy, and a busy port with connections to Greece, Albania and Croatia, and has an international airport with connections to much of Europe. Make sure to check out some great cruise deals because many will start in Bari, Italy and you will have time to linger over a coffee at Café Salvatore Petriella.

Italian cuisine is popular for creamy pasta and cheesy Pizza. Italians indulge on one more speciality which also happens to be Italian speciality- coffee. There are regions which are popular for their own coffee speciality.

If you are in Bari in Puglia region, you must visit this café – Café Salvatore Petriella. This is a small café right in the center of the town behind the Petruzzelli Theatre. It is mainly popular for breakfast menu, pastries and coffee. This cafe is owned by a chef Salvatore Petriella. He is a renowned chef mostly popular for his pastries. His presentation is so creative that makes the simple dish turn into unique signature dish. And I don’t have to say it tastes also exceptional.

The café atmosphere feels fresh with artistic arrangement of lights and interior decoration. They have outdoor sitting area which I think a best place to relax in the evening watching people walk by and sipping a cup of cappuccino.

They serve sandwiches, rolls, pastries, macaroons, ice-creams, milkshakes, the list is quite long and let’s not forget, varieties of coffee. I would recommend the ice coffee and tiny little sandwiches. The ice coffee comes in the combination of crushed iced coffee, cream and a large dollop of whipped cream. This glass doesn’t only look attractive, but it also sooths you from the scorching heat of the south Italy.  Pair your coffee with small circular sandwiches. These are like one-bites with crunchy breads, and variety of fillings.

The staff here is friendly and attentive. They also help us decide the order by suggesting something special from the chef. Just ask them for it.

Next time when you are wandering around Bari streets, don’t forget to visit this Café Salvatore Petriella, and indulge in their signature dishes.


Address: 22, Via Salvatore Cognetti, 14, 70121 Bari BA, Italy

by Varsha’s Travel360

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