Dear Coffee Shop Owners,

I know that the first thing that I do whenever I go anywhere, is to look for a coffee shop. Too often we have found duds, but in many more cases we have found some brilliant hole in the walls, some totally artistic and bespoke coffee shops, and some charismatic coffee shops and we want others to know about these and more.

This site is a resource for travelers and locals alike to find something recommended.

Best Little Coffee Shops is all about showcasing your coffee shops.

We want people to be able to find your coffee shop and to know that it has been featured on Best Little Coffee Shops. We are not a review site, there are plenty of those out there and besides that really is very subjective. We have no doubt that your coffee shop is special … here is your chance to let others know also.

In 2015, we will be producing an app called ..yep, Best Little Coffee Shops, with all details and the information available at their fingertips.

People trust us. We have build up a very large following with a high trust factor on Contented Traveller. People know that we are going to deliver the same quality and service to Best Little Coffee Shops.

Would you like your coffee shop to be featured on Best Little Coffee Shops?

Our rates are $50(US) 300 word, 3 photos, contact details, 1 link and social media exposure.

For a premium spread of 600 words, 6 photos, 2 links and social media promotion $100(US)

Payable via Paypal.

If you own or work at a Best Little Coffee Shop talk to us.

We advertise all of our Best Little Coffee Shops through our social media channels on both Best Little Coffee Shops and our mother ship, which has a huge following – Contented Traveller.


If it relates to coffee shops and you want people to know about it, talk to us.

Paula and Gordon

Please DO NOT send reviews unless you have contacted us 1st.


 This is not a review site. We want to feature coffee shops that people will feel comfortable going to…no matter where they are in the world.


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