How to Make an Avolatte. Avolatte is what is sounds like, a latte coffee inside an avocado. Of course, it came from Australia, because Australians are pretentious coffee snobs. I know, because I am Australian, and I am one of these people. And of course, Avolatte came from Melbourne, because let’s face it – they are even more snobby than the rest of Australia.

The story goes that Truman Cafe in Albert Park created a coffee served in an avocado skin as a joke, but it went viral on social media, and of course that would be Instagram, with people declaring that it was ‘hipster,’ and it was “caffeine in a vegan cup.”

The weird thing is that avolatte is also served in Bali in Indonesia. We were also on another island, Sulawesi in Indonesia, and they served avocado, and chocolate milkshakes, which is Indonesian Street Food and local people love them. It is called Es Alpukat, or “ice avocado,” and is a popular Indonesian drink sold by street vendors. When you add a shot of espresso (learn how to make the perfect espresso), it is called Alpukat kopi, or Indonesian Iced Avocado Coffee, and you can get that recipe here.

How to Make an Avolatte

You can get the recipe for avolatte here.

So, How to Make an Avolatte

– and why would you want to.

  1. Make a latte.
  2. Ruin it by pouring it into an avocado skin.

You probably want to buy me now 

how to make an avolatte


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