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How to do the Aussie Tim Tam Slam

Do you want to know How to do the Aussie Tim Tam Slam, or the Aussie Tim Tam Suck, of course you do. Call it what you will, but Australia says #you’rewelcome. So what is this Tim Tam you talk about? Ask anyone from Japan ..they know. They used to take Tim Tams home by...

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How to make Egg Coffee – the Vietnamese way

We had never heard of egg coffee until we visited Hanoi in Vietnam, so now we want to share How to make Egg Coffee - the Vietnamese way. Of course, we had to try it, because honestly, we thought 'how very odd.' We headed to the original home of egg coffee in Hanoi,...

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How to Make Fresh Mint Tea and 100% Profit

When you go to any café in The Netherlands, you will see Fresh Mint Tea or tisane on the menu at anywhere from 3 € and up, so we decided to show you How to Make Fresh Mint Tea.  We drank it all of the time, and loved it. Read about why we love Amsterdam here. You will...

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Lonsdale Roasters, Braddon, Canberra

In the heart of the trendy Braddon, in Australia’s capital city Canberra is the perennially favorite, Lonsdale Roasters. There are in fact two Lonsdale Roasters, one at number 7 and one at 23 Lonsdale St. As Australia’s national capital city, Canberra is a very young...

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The Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland in March brings exactly what you’d expect—frigid, unpredictable weather that transitions from light rain into a whiteout blizzard at any time. And after days of adventurous, winter activities like traipsing behind...

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