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How to Make an Avolatte – and why would you want to.

How to Make an Avolatte. Avolatte is what is sounds like, a latte coffee inside an avocado. Of course, it came from Australia, because Australians are pretentious coffee snobs. I know, because I am Australian, and I am one of these people. And of course, Avolatte came...

How to Make a B-52 Shooter

Learn how to make a B-52 Shooter, which makes it into the coffee category because one of the three ingredients is Kahlua. Kahlua is a coffee-flavored sugar-based liqueur from Mexico. The drink also contains rum, corn syrup, and vanilla bean. … Kahlua is used to make cocktails and as a topping or ingredient in several desserts, including ice cream, cakes, and cheesecakes ….…

How to Make the perfect Greek Frappé

Learn How to Make the perfect Greek Frappé. You will undoubtedly have fond memories of, or be thinking about, lying on the beach in Santorini, quad biking around Mykonos, exploring the Greek island of Kefalonia, or having fun in the birthplace of Greek frappe,...


Real Greek Coffee at Mokka in Athens

We did a food walking tour, and one of the places we visited was to have a Real Greek Coffee at Mokka in Athens. Mokka specialty coffee shop is near to the Omonia food market, and just around the corner from Monastiraki Square. They have been making coffee to the...

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Neverland Tea Salon in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Once upon a time, there was the cutest kitsch tea room tucked away in Vancouver’s beachy neighbourhood, Kitsilano. If you are planning to visit Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway then make sure you drop in here. It served tea in Granny’s cups, cakes on china...

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Lonsdale Roasters, Braddon, Canberra

In the heart of the trendy Braddon, in Australia’s capital city Canberra is the perennially favorite, Lonsdale Roasters. There are in fact two Lonsdale Roasters, one at number 7 and one at 23 Lonsdale St. As Australia’s national capital city, Canberra is a very young...

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